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The Appraisal Cast

Mar 17, 2023

In this eposide, Ryan Bays discusses the various methods, or approaches to value.  We discuss the Sales Comparison Approach, the Cost Approach, and the Income Approach.  After listening, you'll have a basic understanding of all three approaches, and when each might be employed.

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Mar 10, 2023

In this eposide, Ryan Bays discusses when peeling paint can be an issue, and how to deal with it.  Be sure and listen to find out what structures an appraiser will be inspecting during an appraisal, and then the three most important steps in repairing peeling paint.

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Mar 2, 2023

Today's FAQ is comes to us from homeowners everywhere.  It's the last question appraisers usually get, as they're just about to leave the property after inspecting.

"So how long does it take to get my appraisal back?"

We answer this question today!


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Feb 23, 2023

Have you ever sold a home and the appraisal came back under contract price?  If you're a homeowner, and this happens to you, the deal isn't dead!  And, if you're a Realtor, this episode will help you understand the options your buyer or seller have.

It's a topic we've covered at length on the podcast, but as it keeps...

Feb 16, 2023

Recently, a Realtor friend of mine had a listing with three bedrooms and one bathroom.  However, the only bathroom and two of the bedrooms didn't have 7' high ceilings, required by ANSI.  What were his options?  Did he have to advertise the home as a one bedroom, zero bathroom home?  Find out in this episode when we...